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An Educational Bridge for Leaders



André van Heerden is the founder of the corporate leadership program, The Power of Integrity, and the author of Leaders & Misleaders, An Educational Bridge for Leaders, Leading Like You Mean It, and Is Leadership History? 


His highly successful Power of Integrity Leadership Program has earned enthusiastic praise from hundreds of corporate leaders over the past eight years.


André grew up as a cultural exile and comes from a country that doesn’t exist anymore.  Since studying law at Rhodes University in South Africa, he has been a history teacher, a deputy headmaster, a soldier, a policeman, a refugee, an advertising writer, a creative director, an immigrant, a marketing communications strategist, an account director for leading multinational brands, a marketing consultant, a conference speaker, a leadership coach, and an author. 


His career in advertising involved working with a wide array of international blue-chip brands like Toyota, Lexus, Ford, Jaguar, Honda, Renault, Kodak, Canon, American Express, Kimberley Clark, SC Johnson, Motorola, and John Deere, and prominent New Zealand brands such as Farmers Trading Co. and Tararua Dairy Products. His creative work earned recognition in South Africa, Europe, the United States, and in the Asia Pacific region. 


André's interests include philosophy, psychology, history, politics, and rugby.  He is married with four children, and five grandchildren.  He and his family have lived in Auckland for the past 31 years.


Business & Professional Mentoring

Mentoring is a powerful method of leadership and personal development, but you must work with a mentor who constantly challenges you to grow.  Aspiration demands growth, and growth demands change. 


That is what I provide as a mentor to clients internationally on Zoom. 




The Power of Integrity Leadership Program has proved popular with both management and staff in a wide range of organisations. The 6-month program includes workshops, 360-degree assessments, and one-on-one mentoring based on a Personal Development Plan. The objective is to help companies develop a self-sustaining culture of leadership, and to enable individuals to achieve their full potential in the workplace and beyond. The compelling lessons of the six-month program have been successfully repackaged in one-day seminars, conference keynote talks, and one-off workshops of varying length.

Also now available from the Power of Integrity are a highly flexible and accessible SME program (5 X 90-minute sessions) and a new Corporate Crash Course in Leadership (5 X 90-minute sessions). In addition, Andre now runs Wisdom Workshops and Wisdom Retreats to recharge the vision, creativity, and passion of overworked and over-stressed senior executives.

"Andre is a strategic thinker with a creative mindset, he brings deep insight into human behaviour and perceptions. I know these skills make Andre an invaluable asset to the executive team of any business." 


John McGlinchey, Business Marketing Partner

"Andre’s diverse experience, clear thinking and authenticity makes him an expert in leadership – true leadership. His ability to tie together the various angles of philosophy, history, psychology, personal experience, as well as leadership and management thinking, into a cohesive and sensible argument, is both impressive and most definitely what organisations and individual leaders would find vital to their performance and sustainability. Be sure to read his books on Leadership – it is highly recommended."

Dr Lehan Stemmet, Organisational & Personal Development

"Andre van Heerden led and faciltated an incredibly successful Leadership Programs for all of the Managers across NZ and Australia over a 4 year period at AgriQuality Ltd. He also created and facilitated a very impactful Emerging Leadership Programe for people with potential as part of the Talent Management Program. Andre is personally an inspiring, positive and motivational leader who builds confidence and inspiration in other leaders. The leadership programs and team work that he did for the business was a powerful contributor to building a strong leadership capability and succesful business results for the organisation."


Vanessa Lorford-Brown, GM Human Resources

"Andre was commissioned by the CEO of AgriQuality to provide Leadership Training across the organisation whilst I was a member of the Executive Team.  He is one of the few Consultants I would recommend, not only for his consulting skill, his capability and the effectiveness of the courses he delivered but importantly for his integrity.  This opinion was shared by all those who attended his courses (a fact quite amazing in itself, and a real tribute to Andre's skill).  It was certainly recognised by the Executive Team at the time that Andre's courses made a major difference to our staff. I have no hesitation in recommending Andre's approach, consultancy and capability."  

Peter Winquist, Consultant, CIO, Program Manager

Leadership Program


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